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Caroline Jackson
Principal Owner
  Caroline has over 10 years of experience within the business sector, information and engineering technology. In addition, she has several years experience in real estate consulting, marketing and investment. Over those years, she has accumulated several highly desired certifications (including A+, Net+, Sys+ and Sig Sigma). Her extensive experience in these sectors lend itself to serving her clients in a capacity unseen elsewhere. Caroline's unique understanding of profitability, technology, return on investment and marketing has greatly benefited her clients and has resulted in a successful career in today’s new media market.
Thomas J. Tini
President of the MAXIMA Companies.
Business Development and Project Management Team 
  Tom’s view of a successful enterprise is one that must contain a proficient structure. This is one that mandates a cohesive, interrelated , yet not redundant, series of specific processes.  He has developed a methodology that applies to any enterprise.  Inherent in this methodology is a “Profit Based Incentive Program”.   Tom assists us on various projects to ensure quality and efficiency.
John Oshman
Web Development, Flash Animation/Graphics and Business Development Team
  John has been in Information Technology for most of his career. He has an undergraduate in Management Information Systems, and two associates degrees in MIS/IT and General Ed studies. John has a passion for technology which perfectly lends itself to our media sector. His vast knowledge of technology and customer service skills helps Binary Benefits' customers stay on the cutting edge of New Media, web and business growth. 
Paula Web
New Media Marketing consultant

Neal Holcomb
Production and Camera operation
Capricia Tyner
Production and Camera operation
Mohamed Yasif
Production and Camera operation
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